The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) for our sites is a set of regulations that outlines the responsibilities of our sites to protect the copyright of original content while also providing a platform for users to share and access information.

Notice and Takedown: Our sites must have a process for receiving and responding to notifications of alleged copyright infringement. The site must promptly remove infringing content upon receipt of a notice from a copyright owner or authorized agent.

Safe Harbor: Our sites may qualify for safe harbor protection if they follow certain procedures to address copyright infringement by their users. To qualify for safe harbor protection, sites must designate an agent to receive notices of alleged infringement and respond promptly to such notices.

Attribution and Fair Use: Our sites must provide proper attribution for any third-party content they use and ensure that they only use content that falls under fair use guidelines or for which they have take proper permission from Site owner.

Anti-Circumvention: Our sites must prohibit users from circumventing any technological measures that control access to copyrighted content.

Repeat Infringers: Our site’s policy will be to terminate the accounts of those users who repeatedly infringe on the copyrights of others.

By complying with these regulations, our site can help to protect the rights of copyright owners while also providing a platform for users to share and access information. Failure to comply with the DMCA may result in legal action and the loss of safe harbor protection.